Let's face it, you're probably not suffering from lack of ideas for your website. More likely it's a lack of funds, or at the very least you need to keep the cost down as much as possible. That's understandable, and hopefully you find my rates to your liking.

For my web design services, I charge a flat rate of $75 per hour, to keep things simple. If any special licenses are needed for your website, the cost of those will also be applied, but for most sites, I can get away without that, or use licenses I already own.

I generally work by the hour, and I think you'll find it's better for both of us that way. While I can provide a rough estimate of what I think it'll take, I prefer not to work for a pre-determined budget. Because let's face it, sometimes websites grow far beyond what was originally conceived. So to protect myself, I would either have to build "fluff" into the budget or I have to be the bad guy and refuse to budge from the original scope of the site. In the end, we're both frustrated and you're probably stuck paying more than you'd have to otherwise.

Instead, I like to work by the hour, and if things change, I'll advise you on exactly what you're asking for and how that's likely to impact the overall cost of the project. Then you can decide as we go, how much that new feature is really worth to you. Or perhaps it's something you can put off until another time, or not at all. Less risk for me, and less cost for you!

If you need hosting for your site, I can put your site on one of the servers I lease. For that, it's a flat rate of $100 per year. For that I'll host your site, perform security upgrades, register one domain name and setup any email accounts you need.

I lease my servers from Site5 and I've been very happy with their service so far. Their response to any problems with the server have been prompt and they've worked hard to make sure any concerns are resolved. I've been leasing multiple servers from them for over 5 years now, and they've been a joy to work with.

In general, I can get a working site up on Joomla within a couple hours. From there, it's a matter of what the customer wants. The more bells and whistles you want, the more time it takes. I strive to work as fast as possible and to make sure I know in advance what you're asking for so no rework is required. In fact, I typically prefer to get you, the customer, involved as early as possible by giving you the access to watch the site as it gets built. I find that together we save time because you can let me know if something isn't turning out how you like, or if you had something else in mind.

Regardless of the process, the end goal is to create a good looking site that the owner can take over and keep updated without my assistance. I'm more than happy to hold your hand through that learning period, but I've found that as time goes on my customers are able to take it over for themselves, saving time and money.